Saturday, October 1, 2016

Sheriff David Clarke: Like Ali, Trump Playing Rope-A-Dope’ With ‘Scared’ Media

The thing a lot of people don’t give Donald Trump credit for is that he knows the media inside out. 
Of course the mainstream media will knock him every chance they get in as many ways as they can imagine.  People already know it and are not paying attention to the propaganda.  Unfortunately, to many weak kneed GOPers suck up whatever the media says and allow themselves to get freak out by it.
Breitbar reports Milwaukee County, WI Sheriff David Clarke spoke Friday on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity” about the media’s treatment of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

“The liberal mainstream media is dwindling into irrelevancy,” Clarke told host Sean Hannity. “Donald Trump understands this is a dragon that has to be slayed. The liberal mainstream media, these rags, realize that this is their last stand to have any influence over the American public as it relates to presidential politics.”

Clarke then likened Trump’s response to the media to Muhammad Ali’s “rope-a-dope” strategy.

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