Monday, October 10, 2016

Tape a Non Issue: Massive crowd greets Trump at first rally after video, debate

I think there’s going to be a massive backlash that will make itself known when the Monster vote shows up for Trump on Election Day.
NY  Post reports there is scant evidence that Donald Trump’s Western Pennsylvania supporters have lost their gusto for the billionaire Republican presidential nominee.

At least not in suburban Pittsburgh’s Beaver County, where at a Monday rally at the Wright Field House at Ambridge High School the line to attend his rally stretched for several blocks along Duss Avenue.

Supporters of all genders, race and political persuasion were dressed in Trump shirts and Trump hats, waving signs and doubling-down on their decision to vote Trump.

Nancy Ersly, an accountant from neighboring Sewickley — an affluent Pittsburgh suburb — said she could not wait to hear what the “next President of the United States” had to say, “My support for him has only gotten stronger,” she said in the wake of a video tape revealed Trump’s aggressive, vulgar comments about women in 2005.

Ersly said she wasn’t happy with it, “But we knew what we were getting into with him, he is not a politician, never has been, he is a change agent in a change election,” she said.

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