Thursday, October 27, 2016

Trump Supporters Tell MSNBC: ‘Trump Is Reaching Out to All Citizens — Including African-Americans’

I bet the MSNBC reporter was shocked out of his mind that he found an African American who wasn't a robot and had a mind of their own.
Breitbart reports Wednesday, MSNBC reporter Jacob Rascon interviewed a mother and daughter at GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump’s Charlotte, NC rally.

Rascon asked Gloria and her daughter Trina about criticisms of Trump’s inner-city outreach.
Trina replied, “Well, I think Trump is reaching out to all citizens — including African-Americans. I think he’s trying to address a problem. And, it shouldn’t be a problem if you address that there is something wrong, and that you’ve got a plan and want to help people. 

That’s what a president should do for us. He should reach out and try to help people and address problems that are going on in our country.”

Gloria was then asked about Trump asking black voters what they have to lose by voting for him.

"My word to all black Americans, one thing I would like to say, is let’s not be deceived,” she responded. “Look at the record. Look at the promises that have been made over the past from the Democratic party."

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