Monday, October 10, 2016

Trump/We The People versus Corrupt Media, Democrats and Republicans

Trump rally

Donald Trump wants to put America back on a righteous path where there isn’t a separate standard of justice for the well connected and the rest of the American people. 
But, in order to achieve that he has to fight against the corrupt media machine, Democrats and Republicans who want to keep the status quo.  That’s why all three dirty groups are fighting so hard.

That’s why Trump calls it a rigged system. 

Hillary isn’t the only criminal at fault here.  She had plenty of help from the GOP who slow walked the investigation of her private server.  The GOP did not want Hillary indicted.  They only wanted the political optics of having her under investigation.  It’s the political class looking out for each other regardless of party and it truly stinks.
So take this under consideration and don’t let yourself be distracted by shiny objects designed to make you look in another direction.