Wednesday, November 30, 2016


The Barack Obama economy is like a snail inching along backwards taking eight years to travel an inch. 
The Donald Trump economy promises to be like a rocket ship to the Moon at warp speed.  Democrats have no clue about this and don't understand the language.  The only thing they care about are minority groups and blaming Whites for their agony when it's their own policies screwing up their lives. 

Washington Post reports President-elect Donald Trump’s nascent administration on Wednesday began outlining the contours of its strategy for jump-starting the nation’s economy, including how it would overhaul the tax code, rethink trade agreements and directly negotiate with major corporations.

Treasury secretary nominee Steven Mnuchin rejected claims that Trump’s tax program would benefit mainly the wealthy, instead highlighting plans for a child-care tax credit and a middle-class tax cut.
“There will be no absolute tax cut for the upper class,” he said on CNBC. “There will be a big tax cut for the middle class.”

Trump’s strategy secured an early victory this week when the president-elect persuaded air-conditioning manufacturer Carrier not to move up to 1,000 jobs from Indiana to Mexico. The negotiation was an unusual move for a modern president, but Mnuchin suggested such direct intervention would be an important tool under the new administration.

“It starts with an attitude of this administration,” Mnuchin said Wednesday on CNBC. “This president, this vice president-elect is going to have open communications with business leaders.”

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