Saturday, November 19, 2016

Be warry of the "fake news" label used by the corrupt media machine

You probably have noticed stories about so-called "fake news" lately. 
More often than not it's the latest misinformation tool being used by the corrupt media machine to discredit findings by the alternate media.
Here's an example how the "fake news" label is used in a story by the corrupt media attacking Trump's choice for national security advisor Michael Flynn.    

So what is fake news according to the corrupt media?  These are the legit stories that are out there that CBS, ABC, NBC, won't touch to protect Democrats.  For example, Hillary's health issues.  That was a topic heavily covered by the alternative media that the mainstream media didn't try, or more accurately didn't want to investigate.

So don't be fooled!  The only people using the fake news charged are the whores that work for the mainstream media who have sold out their journalistic principles eight years ago.