Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Bitching about Trump's cabinet picks way premature, are you listening Mark Levin?

Mark Levin, who was dragged in kicking and screaming  to finally to support Donald Trump is acting like a little Bitch again. 
I could say the same about Michael Savage but each of these guys have their own hustle to keep their listeners. 

I for one believe Donald Trump has the right to pick people he believes can do the job.  Not every baseball fan agrees with the batting order the manager puts on the field.  Everybody thinks they can do a better job.  But, they're not the one responsible for making up the lineup.  So, it's an easy say. 

Trump is putting together his team.  Not everybody gonna like who gets pick for this cabinet post or that.  Can you clowns cut Trump a break until after the first 100 days?       


  1. This Levin character is past his "sell by" date. It is plain that he believes himself to be the smartest person around and anyone who doesn't do as he wishes deserves his poisonous diatribe. That kind of arrogance brings this jerk full circle from smart to idiot. He seems determined to remain with his needle pointing into the red "idiot" range.


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