Saturday, November 12, 2016

Bitter Khizr Khan Propaganda Tool for Hillary Threatens to Give Trump a Civics Lesson

This guy's 15 minutes of fame is soooo over! 
I doubt the corrupt media will bother to report on what he has to say any longer in the coming weeks.
NBC News reports Khan said he is on a mission to help the nation move forward and heal, even if it takes giving Trump civics lessons himself. 

"He may have won the electoral college, but he must win the respect of everyone. And respect is not given by demand. Respect is earned." 

Khan warned that protests may only expand and get more difficult to detail if Trump remains silent.
"It has been three days and we have not heard anything of reconciliation, anything of leading all of America forward."

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Trump will do fine without the advice of Kazir Kahn who might as well go back to working for Hillary Clinton.  She's gonna need all the help she can get to stay out of prison.