Saturday, November 5, 2016

Black Vote For Donald DOUBLE Mitt Romney, Disproving Liberal Media Propaganda of 0%

The corrupt media machine for months put out a false assertion that Donald Trump had 0% support in the Black community. 
It was a lie from the beginning and very much an attempt to suppress Black vote for Trump with psych ops.  They wanted Black people to feel they were authentically Black if they wanted to vote for Trump.  However, it didn't work with a certain segment of African Americans that have achieved political maturity.       

Breitbart reports Donald Trump is on track to double Gov. Mitt Romney’s support among African-American voters, according to a series of state polls. 

In 2012, African-Americans comprised a record 13 percent of all voters. President Barack Obama was reelected with 93 percent of the African-American vote, leaving Gov. Mitt Romney with only 6 percent of the African-American vote. Obama is now campaigning against Trump, and hoping to keep his share of the African-American vote below the 11 percent that George W. Bush won in 2004 during the housing bubble.  

On Friday, a poll of 506 Pennsylvania voters by Harper Polling showed Trump has the support of 18.46 percent of African-Americans. That’s eight points more than Romney’s share of the national vote in 2012, and if it proves true during the ballot, that 18.46 percent African-American support translates into 2 point shift towards Trump.

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