Friday, November 25, 2016

Democrat Party Despises White People: Ex-Sanders spokesperson ‘stands by’ her racial rhetoric: ‘We don’t need white people’ leading Dem Party

I wrote on a prior on post how the Democrat Party has become a national party that literally hates the largest demographic group in the country.
  It's a blind spot that has cripple the psyche of Liberals that somehow got it in their heads that it's totally fine to discriminate against Whites.  This story crystallizes how insane they are.    
Bizpac Review reports Symone Sanders seems to think anti-white racism isn’t racism.
The former spokeswoman for Bernie Sanders doubled down on divisive comments she recently made that “we don’t need white people leading the Democratic Party right now.”
Symone Sanders (no relation to Bernie) said she stands by her remarks, adding that the Democratic National Committee should elect a person of color as its chairman.

“It’s past time for an elected chair of color,” Sanders bleated on CNN (via Mediaite). “There is a need and a want for a chair of color. I stand by that.”
“… We need that representation, not just in the chair’s position but in other places throughout the Democratic National Committee and throughout the building…I stand by that. I know that makes some people uncomfortable, but somebody’s got to be out here fighting for the folks, and that’s me.”

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  1. What a wingnut. I wonder how much Sanders is paid by CNN to spout this stuff?

    I doesn't seem to have occurred to Sanders that Barack Obama is Black, and he lost Congress twice and his nominee for president lost to a candidate who'd never held elected office before. A lot of good Obama did for the Democrats.

    The Democratic Party was at the peak of their power between 1932-1968 in the US. Maybe they need some more 'Dead White Males' and fewer Left-Wing radicals.

  2. I favor only black people being democrats. Hell, they make up 13% of the population and will probably win every election going forward (wink)

  3. They are not a national party anymore, they only hold isolated cities and states on the coasts. Look for failing local governments and you will find the democrat strongholds.

  4. Hey Samuel;

    Notice how she glossed over the last 2 chairs of the Democrat party, DWS and Donna both "fixed" the process to shaft Bernie and to prop up the establishment candidate. She thinks it is a race issue, but it is a power issue. The DNC is concerned about power and holding on to it.

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