Saturday, November 5, 2016

Democrats on the ledge: NATE SILVER: 'There's been a potential breach' of Hillary Clinton's 'electoral firewall

I think Nat Silver is gonna end up with egg on his face when Trump wins the presidency. 
Aol News reports renowned statistician Nate Silver warned Friday that new polling could indicate trouble for Hillary Clinton as the 2016 race for the White House enters its final days.

"There's been a potential breach of Hillary Clinton's electoral firewall," Silver wrote on his data-journalism publication, FiveThirtyEight.

Silver was referring to the so-called blue wall — states that have reliably voted for Democrats in the past several election cycles — and other states which have solidly been in Clinton's court throughout the cycle.

Those polls jived with other national and battleground polls that have been released over the past week. Clinton's strong lead slipped after the FBI announced that it had reactivated its investigation into her private email server.

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