Monday, November 14, 2016

Despondent Democrats like NY Post Columnist Andrea Peyser Fantasizing Chelsea Clinton taking the White House, Okay start laughing!

 Chelsea Clinton

Yes the delirium and the despondency is running deep with Andrea Peyser, a NeverTrumper in serious need of counseling. 
In her latest piece titled,   Chelsea Clinton can’t let her family’s political dynasty end, she writes:
“She’ll make a move sooner rather than later,” a heavy hitter in New York state Democratic politics assures me. “What a great way to avenge her mother.”

In the age of The Donald, Chelsea’s lack of a law degree or political experience could propel her all the way to the White House, the thinking goes.
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Okay Andrea, I know it;s the pain takling, but time heals all wounds. 
 Andrea Pyser


  1. Ok here is my problem with Chelsea Clinton. One she is a CLINTON !!!!! Two she is so fuggly even her husband doesn't know if he is getting it oral or anal.

  2. I actually feel sorry for Chelsea. Her parents have absolutely taught her the corruption business inside and out.


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