Saturday, November 26, 2016

Finally Castro Died!

I don't have anything good to say about Castro  because I don't think there was anything good about him. 
He fooled a lot of otherwise intelligent Americans with Leftist ideas that don't work in the real world.  Cuba is a country locked in time, still driving around in 1957 Chevys.  That is for the people who have cars. 

A lot of American Leftists complain about income inequality.  Well, Cuba has income equality!  A doctor gets paid no more than a porter.  Same pay for all!  Is that what we really want in America?  I don't think so and it's another false promise that sounds good but really isn't. 

But, Cuba has free healthcare for all!  Yes, it does but I wouldn't give that healthcare to my dog.  Yes, Fidel Castro is dead and the world is better without him.   


  1. "I don't think there was anything good about him. "
    Pretty harsh Bub! He loved his dog and he always fed him well on the choice bits of the bodies of all the Cuban citizens that he had executed. NOT GOOD? His kind dedication to Perrito brings a tear to my eye.


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