Friday, November 18, 2016

Homos involved Homicide: Party boy James Rackover and accomplice is charged with murder of Joseph Comunale in NYC for allegedly rejecting their homosexual advances

Gays who commit crimes are routinely under reported by the corrupt media machine for agenda reasons. 
They much prefer Gay victim stories to push their agenda.  However, because of a celebrity tie-in, it was hard for the media to sweep this report under the rug. 

Daily Mail reports the 25-year-old party boy surrogate son of celebrity jeweler and his accomplice made their first appearance in court on Thursday where they were charged with murdering a man who allegedly rejected their sexual advances.

James Rackover is accused of killing 26-year-old Joseph Comunale over the weekend in his apartment in Manhattan. Lawrence Dilione, 28, of Jersey City, New Jersey, has also been charged with murder.

Both men appeared in a Manhattan courtroom on Thursday evening where a judge set their bond at $3million each.
They were both charged with second-degree murder, concealment of a human corpse and tampering with physical evidence they allegedly stabbed Comunale 15 times and then tried to burn his body with gasoline on Sunday.
Dilione is also facing an additional charge for hindering prosecution.

The motive for the horrific attack is still under investigation, but sources told the New York Daily News that the killing happened after Comunale rejected the sexual advances of one of the men inside the swanky Manhattan apartment.   

The walls in Rackover's apartment were splattered with blood according to police, who also found bleach that appeared to have been used to clean the scene.  

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