Saturday, November 19, 2016

Let the Trump Era begin a return to Americans becoming Tough Breeds Again:

When I was growing up I was told that "life isn't fair" and that "stick and stones may break your bones, but names will never hurt me," 
It was a simple message for a Puerto Rican boy born on the lower east Manhattan the early 1960s.  Fast forward to 2008, Barack Obama wins the election to president of the United States.  I was upset, disappointed, and angry. 

But, what I wasn't was scared! 

The election didn't turn out the way I wanted.  But, I didn't curl up in a fetal position crying my eyes out wishing I was dead. 

On inauguration day I watched Barack Obama take the oath of office and I felt nothing.  No joy or elation about seeing the first African American become president because I knew he was the wrong guy.  He was the wrong guy because he was a Liberal, and their pie in the sky ideas don't work in the real world.  However, it took nearly eight years for the rest of the country to feel the pain I knew that was coming all along. 

Now that America has finally come to her senses, the so-called "snow flake generation" can't handle the transition.  This is the generation that was taught by Liberalism that life "should be fair" and if it isn't government needs to step in and make it fair. 

What do we have as a result?

We have a generation of damaged people ill-equipped to survive in a dangerous world.  Giving everybody a trophy doesn't serve the common good after all.  It hurts the individual and more importantly  it hurts the country as a whole.  We need to return to teaching self reliance and toughness. 
Not everybody wins!

And that's the way life is.  Winners never quit, but quitters never win.   Try harder, up your game, and in the process you become a better person.  That's winning!