Thursday, November 10, 2016

Meme to Republicans: Trump won presidency without being politically correct and made political history Copy him

One of the major factors to Trump's success is that he refused to be tied down by political correctness that have successfully neutered previous Republican presidential candidates for decades. 

He just spoke plainly and voters responded in a big way and refused to let Trump go regardless of the attacks from the corrupt media machine.   

PC is a bully and Trump punched it in the mouth and said, "What!"

Trump has proven for all time that there's no need to be afraid of what the media says, voters will stick with you.  It took guts and courage but others can follow suit and do the same. 

Sadly Republicans have been too timid and fearful of political correctness.  However, Trump kicked PC in the ass and kept on kicking and made history.  Learn it and live it GOP.