Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Mountain View High teacher Frank Navarro returns to classroom after comparing Donald Trump to Hitler

This is how Leftists think and it is how they teach the younger generation of future Leftists.
Mercury News reports in the wake of an international furor that erupted over the weekend, a Mountain View High School social studies teacher was allowed back in class Monday after being placed on a brief leave following a lesson drawing parallels between Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler.

Why exactly Frank Navarro was placed on leave remains unclear, but it seems likely that the resulting public storm prompted the Mountain View-Los Altos High School District to backtrack.

Superintendent Jeff Harding said Monday that the problem was not in Navarro’s pointing out similarities between Hitler and Trump. That, Harding said, “would have been a very appropriate academic comparison for a social studies teacher to make.”

In a letter to parents sent Monday, Harding stated that “freedom of expression and academic discourse are the cornerstones of our schools” and also said that “the teacher’s paid leave was not for teaching a lesson comparing Trump to Hitler.” The letter said the district received a complaint and needed to investigate “to ensure the emotional safety of all of our students.”

But Navarro said that last week Principal Dave Grissom and Associate Superintendent Eric Goddard said they were placing him on leave for discussing the election. Only on Monday, Navarro said, did Harding tell him the issue was “maintaining a safe environment for kids.”

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