Friday, November 11, 2016

Mr. Whitelash: Vance Jones is a cerebral version of Al Sharpton and thus should be ignored

He may sound better educated and his words may carry the sheen of the academic lounge at an elite university.
  But, Vance Jones is nothing but a better packaged two bit race hustler.  

He doesn't offer unity among the races because his bread and butter depends on perpetual division and disunity.  If a path toward racial harmony can ever be reached,  don't step toward Vance Jones because he'll lead you toward destruction filling his pockets along the way.     

1 comment:

  1. Whitelash, my @ss! If there were SO MANY Latinos and SO MANY Blacks, and SO MANY LGBTQ...XYZ people, and SO MANY "undocumeted" immigrants with nothing to keep them from voting, then how could there have been enough "Whites" to vanquish them?

    Face it, Mr. Jones; it wasn't a "race" thing. It wasn't a "woman" thing. Simply put; Hillary Clinton was a lousy candidate, and she LOST THE ELECTION. You're not alone though; I'm sure the people who banked their careers on the Edsel can feel your pain...


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