Friday, November 11, 2016

NeverTrumper and Useful Idiot for Crooked Hillary Erick Erickson 'eating crow' on Trump

I would suggest that people shouldn't pay attention to anything Erick Erickson has to say ever again because when it came to crunch time he was willing to have Hillary Clinton elected president instead of Donald Trump. 
So as far as I'm concerned Erickson is a non-person that should spend the rest of his life cooking in the kitchen and leaving the politics to others.    

The Hill reports in a piece published in The New York Times titled "Eating Crow on Donald Trump," Erickson said he had been writing since February that Trump would not win the election.

"The great paradox of this election for me is that I never saw Mr. Trump as a legitimate contender in the primaries because I believed the polling was wrong, but it was right all along," he wrote.

"In the general election, I presumed he would never win because the polling was right, but it was wrong all along." 

"If I was wrong about the election, I am willing to admit I can be wrong about Donald Trump," 

Erickson, who endorsed independent candidate Evan McMullin in September, added. 

"I hope others will embrace some humility on that front as well. Mr. Trump will be the president." 

Erickson and others "collectively freaked out" when President Obama was elected in 2008, he wrote, but he did not ever say that Obama was not his president. 

"Whether I liked him or not, he was and still is my president," he wrote. 

"In January, Donald Trump will become our president."

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