Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Professor Helmut Norpoth outperformed ALL the pollsters and correctly predicted a Trump win

I posted this post on October 22:

 Don't Measure the Drapes Yet, Hillary: Professor With Reliable Election Model Stands by His Prediction of a Trump Victory (VIDEO)

I don't believe in the polls at all because our media is so corrupt, why should anybody believe it? 

The only poll that matters is on November 8 and I think Trump is gonna skunk a lot of people when he pulls out a win.   
Gateway Pundit reports Jim Hoft wrote about this professor in a recent post but here’s an update. Professor Helmut Norpoth of SUNY appeared on FOX and Friends this morning with Tucker Carlson and he’s standing by his prediction.
Professor with Remarkable Track Record Predicts a Trump Election Win
Saturday on Fox & Friends, Tucker Carlson sat down with a college professor with a remarkable record of predicting election outcomes.
Professor Helmut Norpoth, from Stony Brook University in New York State, has correctly predicted the outcomes of the last five presidential elections.
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