Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Rigged renovation? Now it's revealed that President-elect Trump might not even get to work out of the Oval Office for a YEAR - after Obama put off major security upgrades

This was very petty of President Obama not to have this taken cared of during his term in office. 
But, what do you expect from a community organizer masquerading as president for the past eight years?  

Daily Mail reports President-elect Donald Trump has captured the White House, but he may have to wait a while to ensconce himself inside the Oval Office.

Former George W. Bush advisor Karl Rove said Wednesday that major security upgrades are planned for the ceremonial office and seat of presidential power – and that it could put the office out of commission for up to a year.

If that occurs, he said, President Trump might have to spend up to a quarter of his term working out of the Eisenhower Executive Office Building across the street – where President Richard Nixon labored and made some of his infamous White House recordings.

'My understanding is that for the first year of his time in office, President Trump will not have the Oval Office,' Rove told Fox News on Wednesday. 

'President Obama could have told the Secret Service, “I know you want to modernize the Oval Office with security enhancements – literally strip it down to the bare walls and build it back up so we’ve got bullet proof glass and so forth and so on, security arrangements in it, in my last year in office,"' Rove said. 

'But Instead he said, "Why don’t you do that [with] whoever comes next so the president of the United States, President Trump, my understanding is, will spend most of his first year using Richard Nixon’s old office in the Old Executive Office Building across executive drive and up the Navy steps."

He was referring to the renamed Eisenhower Executive Office Building, the ornate building on the White House grounds that houses many top government officials. 

Trump, a real estate mogul, is particularly attuned to the importance of location, architecture, and all that it signifies. He repeatedly stressed during the campaign that his new luxury hotel located in the former Old Post Office building in Washington, D.C. was 'under-budget and ahead of schedule.'

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  1. I don't see that it will matter to President Trump. He is not in it for glory. He will be so busy fixing what is wrong in America that he won't be spending time looking at the walls and gloating.

  2. couldn't Pres Trump put a stop to the renovation and then reschedule it with a better design that is more to his taste

  3. Could Trump use the Washington DC Post office instead? Government could rent the entire building for a year until White House renovation is complete


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