Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Seaholm High School teacher investigated over anti-Trump tweets “Therefore, if you for Trump, you are, by definition, racist & misogynist."

I really don't know why this particular teacher is being investigated for parroting what the majority of Leftist teachers teach our children.  These people are poisoning the minds of students with outrageous lies. 

Detroit  Free Press reports in a posting, the teacher allegedly states: “Therefore, if you for Trump, you are, by definition, racist & misogynist."

A high school teacher in Birmingham faces possible disciplinary action after he allegedly posted on Twitter negative comments about Donald Trump supporters — along with a few crude remarks about students in general.

“There was a situation and the school is still investigating,” district spokesperson Marcia Wilkinson said Monday. “But since this is a personnel matter, that is all I can tell you.”
Several students and parents have identified the person as a teacher at Seaholm High School. According to one student, the teacher sent out a series of tweets last week that were shared and posted in several group chat rooms.

In one posting, a tweet stated: “Therefore, if you vote for Trump, you are, by definition, racist & misogynist. There. Now that you know that, what’s your next step?”
That’s followed by another tweet stating: “Disagree. Supporting a known racist misogynist makes one a racist misogynist. Actions > words.”

In the next several postings, the teacher appears to take shots at students at Seaholm, which academically speaking, is consistently ranked one of the top public high schools in the country.

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