Monday, November 28, 2016

You Wanna Recount huh?: Trump to Pressure Foreign Leaders to Probe Clinton Foundation

Trump tried to move on with governing the country  and said he wouldn't pursue a special prosecutor to go after Hillary Clinton.
  But, if Hillary continues to push this recount business watch how fast Jeff Sessions announces a special prosecutor.  

InFo Wars reports the Trump administration will encourage foreign governments to investigate the Clinton Foundation as world leaders begin cutting off money flowing into the Clintons’ coffers in exchange for political favors.

This is a power move by Donald Trump; it’s almost certain the Clinton Foundation is a much bigger scandal than Hillary Clinton’s private e-mail server – in fact, Clinton was likely deleting e-mails showing evidence of wrongdoing tied to her foundation.

The Trump administration will task new US ambassadors with insisting foreign governments start probing the financial dealings of the Clinton Foundation, particularly how the Clintons may have taken advantage of their countries’ national resources and foreign aid.

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