Friday, December 2, 2016

21 Forest Park Medical Center Employees Indicted In Bribery Scandal

Wow, I've never seen anything like this getting snatched up in a big group.  This is definitely a culture of crime going on at Forest Park Medical.
CBS  Dallas Fort Worth reports Bribes, kickbacks, doctors and executives all come together in a huge federal indictment.

The indictment is fallout from both the bankruptcy of the Forest Park Medical Center…near LBJ and 75-Central …and the fraud conviction earlier this year of anesthesiologist Dr. Richard Toussaint.  In all 21 different physicians, surgeons and executives are accused of forking out around 40-million dollars in bribes in kickbacks.

“It’s a huge conspiracy among healthcare professionals in the area and employees and executives at Forest Park Medical Center involved in a kickback and bribe scheme worth millions and millions of dollars,” KRLD legal analyst Ed Klein says.

Up to $200 million in business, the indictment says.  The scheme includes a plan to sell patients to other hospitals to collect  money.

The below-listed defendants are charged in the indictment:
Alan Andrew Beauchamp, 64, of Dallas
Richard Ferdinand Toussaint, Jr., 58, of Dallas
Wade Neal Barker, 51, of Dallas
Wilton McPherson Burt, 61, of Costa Rica
Andrea Kay Smith, 37, of Rockwall, Texas
Carli Adele Hempel, 40, of Plano, Texas
Kelly Wade Loter, 48, of Dallas
Jackson Jacob, 53, of Murphy, Texas
Douglas Sung Won, 45, of Dallas
Michael Bassem Rimlawi, 45, of Dallas
David Daesung Kim, 54, of Southlake, Texas
William Daniel Nicholson IV, 46, of Dallas
Shawn Mark Henry, 46, of Fort Worth, Texas
Mrugeshkumar Kumar Shah, 42, of Garland, Texas
Gerald Peter Foox, 69, of Tyler, Texas
Frank Gonzales Jr., 41, of Midland, Texas
Israel Ortiz, 49, of Dallas
Iris Kathleen Forrest, 56, of Dallas
Andrew Jonathan Hillman, 40, of Dallas
Semyon Narosov, 51, of Dallas
Royce Vaughn Bicklein, 44, of San Antonio, Texas

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