Friday, December 30, 2016

Black Lives Matter Cheers STARBUCKS Barista for Spitting in Stockton Cop Coffee...

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These low lifes at Black Lives Matter are all a bunch frauds heavily funded by Liberal elites like George Soros to cause dissention in society.  
Fox 40 reports forget the caramel sauce or whipped cream, this is something no one wants in their coffee.

The “Stockton Police Department, Corruption Reporting Page” on Facebook posted a picture of a man and his family with a message that reads, “We are happy to report that today this officer from the Stockton Police Department got to have coffee at Starbucks...served with a side of spit,” adding, "They even gave it to him with a smile and a nice comment.”

The Stockton Police Department tells FOX40 they were called out to investigate the incident at the Starbucks on Waterloo Road on Wednesday night. They wouldn’t go on camera but a police spokesperson said they found no evidence that an employee spit in the officer’s coffee.

Starbucks also denies the allegation, saying in a statement, “We are proud of our relationship with the Stockton Police Department, who initially notified us of this rumor. We can confirm there is absolutely no truth to this post, and we are disappointed with the suggestion.”

Despite all of this, the Black Lives Matter Stockton chapter claims the post is 100 percent true. They told FOX40 off camera that a barista who wants to remain anonymous spit in the officer’s coffee because they were upset. They said a family member had a problem with the officer in the post and they also mentioned that their complaints regarding race related issues to the department are not being taken seriously.

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