Thursday, December 1, 2016

Bucks County Community College in Pennsylvania wants students to 'color away your testing stress!'

On the surface this may seem comical. 
But, seriously the mindset behind this is really encouraging adult students to act like perpetual children.  Acting like an adult is acting like a grown up!  Coloring is for children--case closed!   

Campus Reform reports Bucks County Community College in Pennsylvania is apparently encouraging students to reduce their testing stress by coloring.

The college’s Testing Center has sponsored stations to be set up in the testing center to “Color Away Your Testing Stress,” according to a promotional flyer obtained by Campus Reform.
Underscoring the point, the poster also contrasts a “before!” photo of a stressed-out woman surrounded by a stack of books with an “after!” image depicting a man grinning broadly while taking an exam with other students.

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