Saturday, December 24, 2016

Catching It: Ivanka homosexual hecklers get blasted online as heterophobic bigots after outburst


It’s really interesting all the reports I read about this incident I in the corrupt media machine I haven't seen one refer to this couple as "Gay" or "Homosexual" except for my own posts. 
When Gays are the victims of any incident, the first thing you see is their sexual orientation.  Why doesn't the same hold true when they are the perpetrators?   

NY Post reports the pro-Trump Twitterverse is lobbing hundreds of angry posts and meme attacks at the Brooklyn husbands who were kicked off a plane at JFK after one yelled at future First Daughter Ivanka.

The Cobble Hill couple, attorney Daniel Goldstein and Hunter College Urban Studies Professor Matthew Lasner, are being trolled as “jerks,” “misogynists,” “political terrorists,” “heterophobic bigots,” and all manner of ­offensive gay slurs.

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