Saturday, December 31, 2016

Chicago's violence worst in 20 years after Obamaite Rahm Emanuel became mayor

Rahm Emanuel, former Obama chief of staff, Public Domain

When Democrats run major cities, black people got shot die in droves. 
This is a fact that true in New York, Chicago, and Detroit and the facts are indisputable.
Chicago Tribune reports it was movie night in Demarco Kennedy's Far South Side apartment.

The 32-year-old railroad worker's wife and three children waited for him in the living room, with plans to watch the animated film "Rio 2." He sat at his dining room table, paying bills.
Police Release Videos of Fatal Shooting of Alfred …

 Then, gunshots.

Kennedy's kids, coached in the past by their wary parents, dropped to the floor.

As the children attempted to crawl into a hallway, Kennedy's wife saw him fall over. The left side of his face was streaked with blood from a bullet wound.

"He was grabbing my hand real hard. He was trying to say something and he couldn't," Nicole Cooper said Tuesday, recounting the August evening when her husband was slain. "And when he released my hand, that's when he passed."

With that random bullet through the family's window, Kennedy became another homicide victim in Chicago, one of more than 750 in 2016.

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Stop and frisk help works.  But, Democrats thinks its racist.  So they rather be politically correct and let people get shot and die than to fix the problem, get the guns off the streets, and save lives.