Sunday, December 25, 2016

Daily Mail goes Fake News reports MelaLania Trump wore a "VERY short" dress to midnight Mass, This is professional journalism?


How is this a news story? 
What difference does it make how short Melania's dress is?  Normally the UK Daily Mail is a reliable news source, especially for reporting what doesn't get coverage in the American press.  But, DM deserves to get smacked up a little bit for doing their part to contribute to Fake News.
Daily Mail reports Melania Trump joined her president-elect husband for midnight mass in Florida wearing a very short mini dress as fellow churchgoers cheered wildly as they arrived.

Trump and his wife kicked off Christmas by attending midnight services at an Episcopal church in Palm Beach, Florida on Saturday night. 
They were pictured arriving at the Church of Bethesda-by-the-Sea at about 10.30pm.

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  1. The story made me want to check out her pictures.

    And since when have these media degenerates ever cared about what's 'appropriate' in church? They're the ones always who are demanding the churches ordain homosexuals and such...

    And the fact that the MSM demands homosexual acceptance while criticizing Melanie's looks is probably not a coincidence, if you follow my drift...


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