Friday, December 23, 2016

Electoral college 'rebels' who wanted to stop Trump WERE in touch with Clinton campaign (and now movement's leader Micheal Baca is facing prosecution)

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Throw the book at Baca and let Hillary join him in the clink.  She belongs in prison too.

Daily Mail reports senior advisors to Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign kept in touch by phone and email with a driver of the ill-fated, last-ditch effort to dump Donald Trump at the electoral college.

The advisors kept tabs on Colorado elector Micheal Baca, who was helping try to persuade Republican members of the Electoral College to vote against Trump. The effort ultimately flamed out, although a handful of Clinton electors ultimately ended up voting for other people.

Baca himself is facing prosecution for his decision to cast his vote for Ohio Republican Governor John Kasich rather than Clinton, notwithstanding a state law directing him to back Clinton and the oath he swore.

Some members of the group Hamilton Electors had spoken of trying to engineer a victory for Kasich as an alternative to Trump, arguing that Trump was unfit for office despite his winning 306 electoral votes. Clinton beat Trump in the popular vote by nearly 3 million votes. 

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