Saturday, December 24, 2016

Hero nurse April Jones delivers baby with umbilical cord wrapped around his neck in McDonald's bathroom after woman went into labor


WOW!  Go April!  What a fantastic job by a stranger who was at the right place at the right time.  Bravo, April Jones! 

Daily Mail reports a hero nurse delivered a baby with his umbilical cord wrapped around his neck inside a McDonald's bathroom stall when a woman went into labor.

April Jones was eating breakfast with her mother Nancy at the Sarasota, Florida fast food restaurant when she heard a woman scream.

In the bathroom she found Cathy Jordan, who was eight months pregnant and went into labor while her husband Sean waited in line to order food. 
'I felt the baby's head. This scream came out of me came, from my toes, quite the scream,' Cathy told WTSP

'The whole restaurant heard it. Somebody in the other stall asked if I was ok I said "No I'm having a baby."'

Sean heard his wife's scream and rushed into the bathroom to help, as one of the assistant managers looked after their two-year-old son. 

'I was scared for her life and the baby's life,' Sean said. 

With no time to rush to the hospital, Cathy knew she had to give birth in the stall. 
Luckily, nurse Jones was there and she immediately rushed into the restroom. 

'When April came in and told me she was a nurse we were relieved,' Cathy said. 'She was amazing.'

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