Friday, December 23, 2016

Italy Cleans Up Germany's Mess: Berlin Christmas market attack suspect Anis Amri killed in Milan Italy shootout


Nice job by the Italian police.  Perhaps they can teach the Germans a thing or two?
CNN reports the Berlin Christmas market attack suspect Anis Amri has been killed in Milan, according to Italian state police.
The suspect was killed in a shootout in Sesto San Giovanni -- a town near Milan -- just after 3am local time, say Italian police in their Twitter feed.

When the man was asked for his papers, he pulled a .22 calibre gun out of his backpack and fired, continued the tweet.

The driver of the police car returned fire, killing the suspect. A policeman was injured in the shootout and is in hospital, according to Italian police. 

Italian Interior Minister Marco Minniti said the man shot was "without any doubt" Berlin terror suspect Anis Amri, in a press conference Friday.

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