Monday, December 26, 2016

Living in Delusion: Obama's exit interview believes Hope and change can still win elections, Okay start laughing

 Axelrod and Obama, Public Domain

Hope and change was a fantasy! 
Obama was lightening in a bottle, half Black, half White, and no history of note other than allegedly graduating from Harvard.  He was a blank canvas that people to project anything they wanted to imagine about him.  But, Obama was just another Leftist no different than any other Leftist that had come down the pike in American history.  Obama was purely a bait and switch entity.   People don't wanna hear that because they wanna believe in the fantasy,  Just one problem with that.  We’ve had eight years under this man's governorship which gave us 94 million out of work, no GDP growth for eight years.  No president In U.S. history matches that.  A president is judge on results, not speeches.  

CNN reports arguing that Americans still subscribe to his vision of progressive change, President Barack Obama asserted in an interview recently he could have succeeded in this year's election if he was eligible to run.

"I am confident in this vision because I'm confident that if I had run again and articulated it, I think I could've mobilized a majority of the American people to rally behind it," Obama told his former senior adviser David Axelrod in an interview for the "The Axe Files" podcast, produced by the University of Chicago Institute of Politics and CNN.

"I know that in conversations that I've had with people around the country, even some people who disagreed with me, they would say the vision, the direction that you point towards is the right one," Obama said in the interview, which aired Monday.

≈"In the wake of the election and Trump winning, a lot of people have suggested that somehow, it really was a fantasy," Obama said of the hope-and-change vision he heralded in 2008. "What I would argue is, is that the culture actually did shift, that the majority does buy into the notion of a one America that is tolerant and diverse and open and full of energy and dynamism."

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Obama wants to be judged on his speeches, not his results.  But, that's not the way life works for a president and to this day he hasn't accepted that.