Thursday, December 1, 2016

Obama never had the knowledge or sophistication to make the Carrier deal like Donald Trump

This is what Barack Obama said about Carrier or other American jobs leaving the country

Barack Obama is and always  will be nothing but a community organizer.  His knowledge of the corperate world is zero.  He has no clue what an income statement or balance sheet represents.  His above statement clearly demonstrates his ignorance of what can be done to keep businesses from leaving the United States. 

On top of that he hates corporate America and he couldn't care less about American workers losing their jobs to foreigners  overseas or across the border.  Obama never ran  a business in his life and it's painfully obvious he was always ill suited to be president in the first place.   His sphere of knowledge is extremely limited to the academic lounge.  His entire cabinet is made up of academics who never had a real job in the real world. 

Donald Trump is extremely knowledgeable  in how to get things done and the deals with Ford and Carrier is only a preview of what he's going to do as president.     


  1. No, Obama only saved the auto industry from collapse. Geez!

  2. I could save a lot too with a blank trillion dollar check he was given by GWB

  3. Hey Samuel;

    GM and Chrysler took the bailout that they had to pay back, unlike the banks that got bailouts and paid they executives million dollar bonuses as a reward for making bad decisions. President Obama told the carrier workers to get retrained in "green jobs". like that is a lot of help. My job went across the border to Mexico so I know the feeling. I got lucky, I landed upright, a lot of my Ford brethren didn't fare well. The manufacturing jobs are a purvue of the middle class, the ones that are shrinking....Having a manufacturing capacity is a sign of a country's economic health.


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