Thursday, December 22, 2016

Postal Ho: Mail worker Iesha Conley busted for stealing Christmas giftcards to buy sex toys

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How long can one go to get their sex on?
NY Post reports this mail sorter was planning to get her jollies for Christmas.
Postal worker​ Iesha Conley was allegedly caught rifling through ​the mail to steal ​Christmastime ​gift cards ​— but not before ​us​ing one she stole months earlier to buy ​discount sex toys online,​ federal authorities charged.

Conley, 48, came under investigation when a West Nyack woman reported that she’d sent a $100 American Express gift card to a relative in Floral Par​k, Long Island,​ but when the letter arrived it had been opened and the gift card was missing.

When the woman called American Express, she was told an individual had used it to buy three adult sex toys with it from discount retailer

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