Friday, December 30, 2016

The Last Tradition's Biggest Disappointment of 2016: Mark Levin

 Gage Skidmore, Creative Commons

Yes, you may be wondering why I didn't choose Hillary Clinton.  Well, she's not relevant enough for me to give a hoot. 
But, Mark Levin is a different story.  He's lost a tremendous amount of my respect for being so foolishly anti-Trump.  I thought Mark was smarter than that. 

For all his constitutional bluster, Mark simply couldn't see the forest for the trees.  What really turned me off about him was his insistence, like other NeverTrumpers, to being the sole gatekeeper of conservatism.  Nobody on earth is, except for Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin isn't remotely in the same zip code.      


  1. I think that Rush could see that if we lost the supreme court that we loose the constitution and country. Trump will do what ever he does but the court is the most important thing long term.

  2. I used to squirm with discomfort when I heard him take on that attitude too, but didn't realize why...until I finally did. I've always admired Levin, so it was hard to admit what I was realizing about his take on Trump. Rush has a whole 'nother view of Trump, and it's more far-sighted than ML's is. Rush knew that Trump is the only candidate that was in that line-up who could have beaten HRC, and take on the ruins that 0 is leaving behind. Wonder why Levin doesn't see this.

  3. So Mark is knocking Trump for appointing members to his cabinet with any ties to the Bush admin. That's really lame cuz all incoming presidents do that to one extent or another. For example Rex Tillerson as secy of state. Levin was knocking the choice cuz Codolezza Rice said it was a good choice. Since when it's a good idea to knock Rice? Levin is trying to make a ludicrous point that the GOP establishment is entrenched in the Trump admin. What? Levin is really blown himself up into a Keith Olberman type figure. And that's not a good look.


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