Friday, December 2, 2016

Trump picks kick-ass war general Marine Gen. James Mattis for secretary of defense, Iran be very scared

There are two types of generals in the military.  Administrative generals who spend their time mostly behind a desk and the warrior general who comes from the field of battle with the scares to prove it. 
Obama preferred the administrative type because they were more like him.  But, that's not Trump who said throughout the campaign that he wanted a George S. Patton or a Douglas Macarthur to run his military.  That's exactly what he picked. 

The days of Iran holding our sailors at their knees or Russian jets doing high speed flybys passed our ships ARE OVER!!!       

Washington Post reports President-elect Donald Trump said Thursday he has chosen retired Marine Gen. James N. Mattis, who has said that responding to “political Islam” is the major security issue facing the United States, to be secretary of defense.

“We are going to appoint Mad Dog Mattis as our secretary of defense,” Trump told a rally in Cincinnati, the first stop on a post-election “thank-you tour.”
Trump joked that the media and audience should keep the news to themselves. “We are going to be announcing him Monday of next week,” Trump said. “Keep it inside the room.”
Mattis, who retired as chief of U.S. Central Command in 2013, has often said that Washington lacks an overall strategy in the Middle East, opting to instead handle issues in an ineffective one-by-one manner.

“Is political Islam in the best interest of the United States?” Mattis said at the Heritage Foundation in 2015, speaking about the separate challenges of the Islamic State and Iranian-backed terrorism. “I suggest the answer is no, but we need to have the discussion. If we won’t even ask the question, how do we even recognize which is our side in a fight?”

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