Friday, January 6, 2017

Barry Diller Calls Hollywood Movies "Horrible Thing" Facing "Profound Dislocation"

David Shankbone, Creative Commons

Diller may have a point. 
But, I think a bigger problem with Hollywood is the lack of quality content being produced.  In other words, Hollywood is producing a steady stream of garbage movies nobody wants to see,.  They are much to dependent on making movies about comic book super heroes, and sequels.  

Hollywood Reporter reports the former Paramount chief turned digital mogul calls the movie industry "now a horrible thing called a tentpole business." He says streaming services and other internet players will be the way forward for consumers. 

The entertainment business is going to experience a period of "profound dislocation" soon, says media mogul Barry Diller.

The IAC chairman, speaking Thursday at a keynote session at the CES conference in Las Vegas, spoke bluntly about the change that the entertainment industry is experiencing as new entrants like Netflix and Amazon have changed distribution by bringing shows and movies directly to consumers.

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