Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Corrupt Media Exposed: WASH POST FAKE NEWS PAGE ONE TUESDAY: Hack at utility company NOT linked to any Russian govt effort...

 Colin, Creative Commons

Let's understand that the Washington Post is just another appendage of the Democrat Party. 
Once this can be understood the world becomes a clearer place.  Yet, millions are too dense to get it.   

Russian government hackers do not appear to have targeted Vermont utility, say people close to investigation

As federal officials investigate suspicious Internet activity found last week on a Vermont utility computer, they are finding evidence that the incident is not linked to any Russian government effort to target or hack the utility, according to experts and officials close to the investigation.

An employee at Burlington Electric Department was checking his Yahoo email account Friday and triggered an alert indicating that his computer had connected to a suspicious IP address associated by authorities with the Russian hacking operation that infiltrated the Democratic Party. Officials told the company that traffic with this particular address is found elsewhere in the country and is not unique to Burlington Electric, suggesting the company wasn’t being targeted by the Russians. Indeed, officials say it is possible that the traffic is benign, since this particular IP address is not always connected to malicious activity.

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