Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Corrupt Media Not Reporting: Poll shows support for Trump's travel order 'even if it means turning away refugees'


You won't find this poll mention on the major networks, CNN and MSNBC. 
They'll continue to focus on paid protestors making a lot of sound and fury amounting to nothing.

Daily Mail reports polling taken early this month showed majority support for a general expression of President Trump's controversial plan to halt immigration from 'terror-prone' countries.

Word of Trump's new executive order halting immigration from nine countries, which at first was applied even to green card holders from Iraq and other listed nations, spared immediate protests at airports among those arguing it was ill-advised, un-American or even unconstitutional. 

But a Quinnipiac poll taken in early January, as the order was being contemplated but before Trump took the oath of office, showed support not only for an immigration crackdown but for a 'Muslim registry,' an idea Trump also promoted on the campaign trail.
American voters backed suspending immigration from such 'terror prone' countries by 48 to 42, the survey revealed. 

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