Monday, January 23, 2017

Intrusive Government: Homeowners forced to pay over $1K a year just to sit on their own stoops

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This is outrageous! 
But, it shows how out-of-control government schemes to squeeze taxpayers. 
NY Post reports it’s every Brooklynite’s inalienable right to sit on their own stoops — but that didn’t stop a developer and the city from devising a scheme to tax them over it, a group of homeowners claims.

Nearly three dozen property owners in Boerum Hill say they are being charged more than $1,000 a year just to use the steps leading to their homes.

“It’s one of those weird, bureaucratic things that doesn’t make sense,’’ said resident Luke Gunnell, 50, who is forced to shell out $1,154 every year to use his stoop.

He and 33 other residents bought their stunning town houses, on the leafy north side of State Street between Hoyt and Smith streets, for as much as $2.4 million starting in 2008.

And they say their contracts included an “illegal” side deal between the developer and city.
The agreement allowed the builder to extend the homes’ stairways 6 feet and 3 inches beyond the property line and onto the city-owned sidewalk, jacking up the sale price.

In exchange, the city would receive a special annual tax — paid for by the residents.

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