Sunday, January 1, 2017

Invasion of the Muslim Migrants: More than 1,100 migrants fight riot police as they storm Spanish border

This is a serious problem that the European Union has created for itself. 
This is chaos that needs to be quickly addressed and very likely won't be because of political correctness.   

UK Express reports at least 1,100 asylum seekers rushed the barbed wire fence protecting the tiny north African enclave, which is surrounded on all sides by Morocco, in a desperate bid to reach the EU. 

Spanish and Moroccan authorities desperately fought to restore order as the migrants, most from sub-Saharan Africa, scaled the border barrier and brawled with police.

Once inside the miniscule Spanish territory they would be able to claim asylum in Spain or travel onwards towards the promised lands of Germany and Sweden. 
The migrants used rocks and metal bars as they battled with police officers from Spain and Morocco, who joined forces to defend the border. 

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