Thursday, January 26, 2017

'It's very, very scary': President Trump reveals what it's like to get America's nuclear codes and insists he'll 'do the right thing' if the time comes as he gives his first interview inside the White House

It's a very sobering responsibility given to our president and I'm confident President Trump will act wisely on behalf of the American people.
Daily Mail reports in his first interview since taking office, President Trump gave glimpses of being humbled by his 'sobering' new responsibilities between intrepid promises to maintain his campaign vows. 

Speaking with ABC's David Muir, he went from gently praising the 'beautiful' letter left for him in the Oval Office by Barack Obama to brazenly describing Chicago as more violent than Afghanistan. 

Among his admissions was that receiving the nuclear codes was a 'very scary' experience which brought home the enormity of the job. 

'When they explain what it represents and the kind of destruction that you're talking about, it is a very sobering moment. It's very, very, very scary in a sense.' 

Not quite scary enough to keep him up at night, he said. 'I have confidence I'll do the right thing, the right job, but it's a very scary thing.' 

He later told of the 'beautiful' letter he'd been left in the Resolute Desk by Barack Obama but did not, as is tradition between presidents, reveal its contents.

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