Saturday, January 14, 2017

L.A. Sheriff's Department to begin using drones to respond to bomb threats, hostage crises

I think that's a great move!  What I don't like is drones being available to the general public.

LA Times reports Los Angeles County Sheriff Jim McDonnell said Thursday that his agency will begin deploying an unmanned aerial device to aid deputies responding to arson scenes, suspected bombs and hostage situations, but he promised the device would not be used to surveil residents.

The use or attempted use of drones by law enforcement elsewhere has come under fire from privacy and civil liberty advocates, and McDonnell and other agency officials avoided using the word “drone” during a 20-minute news conference unveiling the department’s latest technological addition.

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  1. I have less problem with drones in the hands of the general public than I do with government having them. It makes it too easy to just Ruby Ridge some one rather than arrest them.
    Are there times when it is necessary? Yes, but it should require a signed letter from a Judge, and contain a caveat that use of a drone for other than observation would result in loss of immunity for individual officers as well as the department involved. Simply, you use it fine, you abuse it you pay dearly.


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