Saturday, January 28, 2017

Making America Safer Again: 7 U.S-bound migrants are stopped in Cairo, 2 refugees detained at JFK as Trump immigration ban takes effect


A sovereign nation has every right to strictly enforce its borders.
  For too long the United States were lax hi this area and a national election was held to change direction.    

Daily Mail reports visa, green card holders and refugees have already been blocked from entering the United States just hours after Trump signed an executive order introducing his tough new immigration bans.

Seven migrants - six from Iraq and one from Yemen - were stopped from boarding a flight from Cairo on Saturday, while at least two Iraqis were detained after flying in to New York's JFK airport on Friday night.

Panic broke out after Department of Homeland Security issued a directive at 4.30pm on Friday enforcing Trump's executive order to essentially close down the borders to refugees and visa holders from a list of banned Muslim-majority countries.

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