Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Media Malpractice-Bias: Corrupt Media Gives Scant to Little Coverage of 14 Jewish Kew Gardens Hills Businesses that were burnt to the ground in New York

The reason I'm reporting on a story that's more than three days old is because I just heard about it from local NBC Today New York report that barely lasted 15 seconds.
  What struck me as very strange was how matter of fact the report was given like it was no big deal.  These were Jewish businesses that were burnt down.  If these were Muslim establishments, the coverage would be much longer than 15 seconds and the tone of the report would have a greater sense of urgency. 

If you look at the below report from CBS, they do not mention at all the businesses were Jewish.     

CBS New York reports merchants got a look Saturday at the full scope of the damage from an extra-alarm fire that burned up a strip mall in Queens.
As CBS2’s Dave Carlin reported, 14 businesses were destroyed in the fire on Vleigh Place at 77th Road in Kew Gardens Hills, Queens on Friday night. The following date, merchants were starting their plans for the long process of rebuilding.

“Everything is gone,” said Mike Hong.

Hong’s New Year was set to begin with accepting a horrible truth – Paragon Cleaners, which he owns, is no more. 

Hong’s is one of the 14 businesses consumed in this inferno that started Friday around dinnertime and refused to die for most of the night.
Watching the strip mall burn from her apartment across the street was Sierra Berkel.

“It just immediately kept spreading,” Berkel said.

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