Saturday, January 21, 2017

Mental Midgets Parade: PROTESTS GO INTO OVERTIME Celeb-studded march bashes Trump despite president's call for unity

Yes, free speech and the right to assembly is a wonderful thing because it allows the world to see how dumb people are in one fell swoop. 
Most of these people protesting today don't have a coherent thought to what they're protesting about.  Ask ten differe3nt people and you'll get ten different answers.  It's an awful lot like Occupy Wall Street.  There more they spoke, the more confused they sounded.  

Fox News reports Washington Saturday to protest Donald Trump just hours into his presidency, donning bright pink hats and carrying a dizzying array of political signs – in a celebrity-studded march that put the nation’s lingering divisions on full display despite the 45th president’s appeal a day earlier for unity.

The protesters, most of whom were women, were largely peaceful by comparison with the scattered bands of rioters who wreaked havoc on parts of D.C. during Friday’s inauguration. This crowd was far larger and more organized. 

But the march grew more chaotic as the day went on and protesters moved from the National Mall into the streets. And despite indications from some organizers last week that the demonstration was not defined as “anti-Trump,” it was in every respect a march against the new president -- kicking off as he attended a National Prayer Service after waking up in the White House for the first time.

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