Thursday, January 5, 2017

Obama says video of black youths torturing disabled white man in alleged hate crime is 'despicable'

This will be a rare occasion whereby I won't criticize President Obama because the nature of this heinous incident surpasses everything else. 
I'm heartbroken over what happened to that young man at the hands of those four animals.     

Daily Mail reports President Obama has denounced a Facebook Live video of black youths in Chicago tying up and torturing a white mentally disabled man as 'despicable' but denied that race relations in the US are getting worse.

The video, which apparently showed four youths aged 18-24 beating, cutting and laughing at the bound and gagged man, was streamed on Tuesday by one of the suspects.

But, the President told CBS, this was not a sign of a worsening racial divide - just an example of social media revealing problems that have always been there. 

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