Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Outgoing CIA chief has a hissy fit slams Trump for ‘Nazi Germany’ comparison


This guy really is a big baby.  I think it's time for his mother to give him his bottle.
NY Post reports outgoing CIA Director John Brennan went ballistic on Donald Trump Monday for comparing US intelligence activities to those of Nazi Germany.

“Tell the CIA officers who are serving in harm’s way right now and their families who are worried about them that they are akin to Nazi Germany,” Brennan told The Wall Street Journal (paywall).

“I will forever stand up for the integrity and patriotism of my officers.”
Last week, Trump suggested that the intelligence community was behind the leak of a sordid report about him, wondering, “Are we living in Nazi Germany?”

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  1. And how many times was Trump called "literally Hitler"?

    The CIA is not to be trusted. My generation (the Boomers) used to accept that implicitly. How much more is this true when that have been politicized. Brennan is a globalist pawn, like his pal, Obama.

  2. President Trump nailed it. But he had better watch out for the CIA bastards who will try to do some "wet work" on him and his family.


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