Sunday, January 15, 2017

Rare Honesty from Corrupt Media: Anderson Cooper - If GOP Said What Lewis Did About Clinton, Dems ‘Would Be Up In Arms’

Rush Limbaugh had coined the phrase "a random act of journalism"  whenever the drive by media actually performed some credible journalistic work on a story. 
In this case, Anderson Cooper, a mainstay anchor of the Left let out a rare bit of honestly that hits the bulls eye against the phoniness of the mainstream media.
InFo Wars reports on Friday’s broadcast of CNN’s “AC360,” host Anderson Cooper reacted to Representative John Lewis’ (D-GA) declaration that he doesn’t view President-Elect Donald Trump as “legitimate” by saying “if a Republican had said this about a President-Elect Hillary Clinton, Democrats would be up in arms.”

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To say that John Lewis is not a partisan is flat out dishonest.  He's the biggest partisan in the entire CBC.  And this is the dirty trick the Democrat Party plays with the likes of John Lewis and others.  They hijack his reputation as a civil rights icon to set him up a totally partisan blunt force instrument that is beyond criticism.  Meanwhile his district crumbles and nothing improves for the condition of his constituents.